About The Family International

AboutThe Family International (TFI)

TFI began in Southern California during the 1960s and has since spread into an international community of Christians laboring together to bring the message of God’s love for mankind all over the world. The Family International is actively engaged in numerous humanitarian projects around the world.

The Family International

The Family International has transitioned through many phases in its 42 year history, but the motivating force behind TFI has always been to empower its members to freely share God’s love with those in need. Today members of the Family International labor in every continent bringing hope, joy and a message of salvation to hundreds each day. The core message that TFI seeks to share with the world is encapsulated in the scripture “For God So loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life”(Jn3:16).

The message of God’s love is shared by the Family International (TFI), with people all over the globe. Since the 1960s, it has expanded to comprise membership in over 90 countries since it was formed in California.

The central message in that “God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16) and “God is love … [and] since God so loved us, we ought also to love one another” (1 John 4:8,11 NIV), has remained the mainstay of its worldwide missionary network since its establishment 42 years ago  even though the membership structure and methods have evolved with the passage of time.

The Family International (TFI) is committed to sharing the message of God’s love with people all over the world. Sharing the good news of God’s love through motivating others to develop a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ by affording peace of mind and happiness for everyone is what we belief in. We embrace some untraditional doctrines in our core beliefs but these are in tandem with those held by Christians around the globe. The foundation principle of God’s Law of Love taught by Christ Jesus, that is, to love God, and to love our neighbor as ourselves which discharges “all the law and the prophets” (Matthew 22:37–40), is an essential attribute in the enforcement of our devotion and Christian lifestyle.

Religious and Racial Moderation—The Establishment of a Pluralistic World

One of the cornerstones of Christianity is the acceptance and toleration of diverse persons by spreading the Gospel that knows no limits in relation to nationality, ethnicity or color. The Family International has a membership that consists of over 100 nationalities having ministered in at least 150 countries since the foundation of the movement in 1968 and now has a typically multiracial following of various peoples and societies.

Opposition to religious and racial discrimination through the formation of a pluralistic society, tolerance and understanding in shunning prejudice in all forms is a strong element of our faith. We hold dear, the fact that respect for all persons should always be observed while human life is sacred because every individual is created in the image of God.The family international church

We hold the belief that even though we live in a complex society, the solution to man’s problems lies in the love of God. We translate the same principles into practice by hope, salvation and love over and above our strong presence in social service and religious organization.

The Family International focuses on the production and distribution of a variety of publications that concentrate on commitment, encouragement and instruction every year to millions of people all around the globe. Take a look at ‘Viewpoints’ to read study some of our material that addresses various issues.

We provide a notable publication on a monthly basis called Activated translated into over 20 languages worldwide. We focus on issues touching on activating the power of God in our lives by focusing on topics that include our essential aspects of our daily lives and the development of understanding on how to apply spiritual principles in a practical way.

TFI members give tutorials and seminars so as to create an additional path for the people’s spiritual development by guiding everyone to develop a personal relationship with God while mentioning the important aspects of his teachings as envisaged in the Holy Bible and their application in improving our well being and relationships with each other in addition to the prediction of future events as provided for in the Holy scripture as well as other relevant material.

The Administrative structure of the Family International assists members all over the world from the regional right up to the international level.

The spiritual and administrative directors of the Family International are Steve Kelly and Karen Zerby who go by the pen names of Peter Amsterdam and Maria Fontaine respectively.

The administrative body of Family International is TFI services. TFI services handles the administrative and publication arm of TFI services providing a number of services to Family missionaries all around the world such as mission-related counsel to members around the world and publication of spiritual content materials while assisting the work of missionaries and sponsoring programs. Other services it renders include assisting in operations of centers in developing countries as well us those under emergency situations, donations and paying out of tithes to fund operations.


A membership charter was adopted in 1995 and it deals with the codification of rights, beliefs and responsibilities of the Family members. As such, the administration is codified whereas beliefs and goals of the fellowship are summarized to include the key elements of the belief in addition to our statement of faith.

The operation of communities and members runs in parallel and within the laid down regulations of the TFI Charter and are brought together by the common objectives of faith and purpose. This means that each member establishes their goals and mission independently but within the ambit of our mission statement and constitution of the Family International.

The Family International is open to people from every race, culture, gender and nationality that are willing to participate in its activities and way of life. The fellowship of TFI draws its membership from over 100 countries in different parts of the world. In accepting the teachings of the Family International and the personal abilities as found in our mission statement, you become eligible to become a full-fledged member.

As a member, it is incumbent upon you to observe ethical conduct and personal integrity in your professional and personal life.

TFI membership: From its establishment up to date, over 35000 people have committed themselves to serving God and mankind with the Family International at various points in tie. Many have retired or decided to venture into other professions and are no longer actively involved having participated in years of missionary service. We continue to appreciate the effort and time that they put into the fellowship and missionary work with the Family

Please get in touch with the Family International nearest you.

Putting Together a Better World

In the word of God, the uplifting message of love, hope and salvation to improve the worth of life of others is the main goal that The Family International strives to achieve. In the sophisticated world that we are living in, it is our belief that the practical application of God’s love holds the solution to the world’s problems. We can work towards the creation of a better world to live in by changing the world one souls at a time through spreading the message of hope and spiritual guidance found in the Holy Scriptures.

There are a multitude of programs that Family Members have initiated to assist those in need all over the globe. Among them you will find music and theatre activities for the underprivileged in many countries; encouragement and help to senior citizens, the ailing and the disadvantaged; offering support to disaster relief, refugee camps and humanitarian efforts; holding for parenting and educators including stress and time management involving personal counseling sessions. Conversely, have further given personal counsel in juvenile detention prisons and centers and rehabilitated drug users. Family members have also been involved with national and international donor bodies to give comfort and relief to those suffering hardship with a view to helping and comforting people while providing supplies and food.

TFI has had a chequered history since its inception in 1968 when it was known as the Children of God. From that point onwards, members travelled the world spreading the word of God in well over 100 countries using the means of song, audio and visual media as well as literature. Despite the various challenges experienced along this path, The Family International has managed to build a Christian fellowship comprising autonomous and self-supporting communities while touching the hearts and souls of the needy through the message of Faith, Hope and Charity worldwide in efforts pertaining o personal counseling, humanitarian aid, disaster relief and seminars.

The birth of the Family International was witnessed at Huntington Beach in 1968 when our founder David Brandt Berg (1919-1994) affectionately known as  “Father David” together with his wife and children started preaching the Gospel in the seaside settlement to the counterculture youth. This brought wonderful changes to the lives of those who developed a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. (Refer to the writings of David Brandt Berg called the “MO Letters”).

As a result, these new followers made a new commitment to serving God and mankind. By 1969, membership had grown to approximately 100 members leading to the news media dubbing the Family International members as the “Children of God”. The number of members around the world had grown to 130 by 1972. 6 years later the community had received wide scale recognition and became known as the Family.

The Family International has developed into an international organization over time, having undergone various changes in its constitution. Family members develop their own initiatives while arriving at decisions independently though functioning within the framework of the Family Charter.

The Family International has received international acclaim for its missionary and humanitarian work all around the globe. Family members have shared the message from the scriptures with over 298 million people all across the globe including holding prayers with 35 million people as of 2010. Over 1.1 billion pieces of Gospel literature have been produced and distributed by the Family International including over 2.2 million videos and 12.8 million audio tapes/CDs/DVDs in at least 30 languages.

Mission Statement

The Family International (TFI), a global Christian fellowship is dedicated to spreading the message of God’s love to nations around the world. Our objective is to deliver the message spiritual restoration and hope by offering the unconditional love of Jesus Christ which is not limited by boundaries or borders of social status, creed or race. We strive to make a difference in this world by giving godly solutions to the problems faced in life by interpreting the love of God through kindness and mercies to improve the lives of others. As such, it is our intention to seek guidance through the example of the ministry of Jesus that was “to preach the Gospel … to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind” (The Bible, Luke 4:18 NKJV).

Our commitment is to:

Make the World a Better Place to live in: Sharing God’s message of love for humankind.

Making the World a More Livable Place:

Empowering people to develop a personal relationship with God, and in turn, changing a part of the world by focusing on that region. This is our passion. It is our aim to provide an enabling environment for personal spiritual development so as too share the good news of salvation and God’s love while applying Christian values and ethics to our daily lives.

Religious Development: Providing religious and touching support in order to assist you in coping with the problems of modern life.

Encouragement in times of sorrow or destitution, individual comfort, retreats, colloquiums, support groups, personal counsel and instruction are the means by which the Family International members provide aid for people’s spiritual progression. There are various educational and personality development programs for kids including instruction for educators and parents based on faith.

Charitable Assistance: humanizing the quality of living for those without hope including the downtrodden and the destitute.

The Family International fraternity endeavors to cater for the needs of others through a numerous charitable efforts, such as disaster relief efforts, helper training, improving the competence of the disadvantaged, learning initiatives and institutions for the underprivileged, sustainable development programs, charity shows, computer learning initiatives, medical assistance, food and aid supply, HIV and drug consciousness, help, and avoidance. Members also make available emotional and religious support for volunteers, and hold visitation programs in hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps, and homeless shelters.

The Family International fellowship seeks to provide for the requirements of the needy through a large number of charitable activities that include HIV and drug understanding, maintenance and preclusion, food and aid distribution, medical administration, computer training drives, charity events, sustainable development initiatives, learning schemes and the accompanying institutions for the disadvantaged, enhancement of competence and disaster relief.

International Media Contact

Email: publicaffairs@thefamily.org

Phone: 202-298-0838

Contact for Media in Europe

Family Information Desk

Email: info@thefamilyeurope.org

Phone: +44 (0)203 291 2571

+44 (0)845 680 0521

United Kingdom

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